Rating Information

Saluda Fire & Rescue has received official notification from the NC Office of State Fire Marshall of a new ISO rating of 5/6 which will go into effect September 1, 2012. The rating dropped from the former ISO rating of a 7 within our 5 mile district. The new class 5 rating applies to properties with a fire flow of 3500 gpm (gallons per minute) or less and within 1000’ of a fire hydrant. The class 6 rating applies to properties with a fire flow of 3500 gpm. Class 9E applies to all other properties within our 5 mile fire district, but no more than 6 miles. The Office of State Fire Marshal conducted the inspection in May of 2011. The purpose of their visit was to gather information on: Receiving and handling fire alarms, fire department equipment, personnel, training records, maintenance records, and water supply. Our members devoted much of their time to help prepare for the rating. We are happy to provide the citizens of Saluda with a lower ISO rating which will decrease their homeowners insurance.

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